We have lived in this house for over 20 years, and of course have accumulated boxes, bags, bins, toys, tins, tools, clothes, cartons, cans, decorations, dressers, desks and well you get the point.  We’ve been planning for a few years to clean it out, and (oh, god) the time seems to be right.

(Lights, LEGOS, lamps, suitcases, soup bowls, silverware).

We were at the point where the boxes and containers were stacked around the stairway too high to see over.  So, it’s been a while since we had more than a vague idea of what was up there.  Christmas decorations were pretty much the southwest corner, suitcases pretty much due south, but other than that vague orientation, it was terra incognita.

(Xbox, xylophone, x-rays, insulation, insurance policies, igloos, saws, sanders, silly putty).

So, box by box, bag by bag we brought it downstairs, spread it out, tossed some of it, repackaged the rest, and tomorrow will begin hauling what’s left back upstairs.  Oh boy.  Something to look forward to.

(Hats, handkerchiefs, harmonicas, binoculars, blankets, baseball bats).

I just hope we can finish in time to watch my favorite reality TV show, Hoarding: Buried Alive.

(Towels, trucks, tongue depressors, razors, rice, ribbons, earrings, egg timers, exercise equipment, books, bottles, bells, frames, frying pans, fishing rods, glasses, golf balls, geese, pencils, pens, plates).