AHam/ Arod

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There seems to be an eerie connection between Bronx Bomber Alex Rodriguez (ARod) and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton (AHam).

Just consider these incredible coincidences:

-Both are named Alexander.  How often has that happened in history?

– AHam was born in Jamaica, an island in the Caribbean; ARod’s family is Dominican, and as a little boy he lived in the Dominican Republic, an island in the Caribbean.

– Both went to school, lived, and worked in New York.  How many people in history can say that?

– AHam was a ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’;  ARod was a Yankee.

– Aham established the Bank of the United States;  ARod’s last contract almost bankrupted it.

– ARod was fed popcorn at a Superbowl by Cameron Diaz;  There is video proof of this; AHam was fed mutton balls by Dolly Madison at the Philadelphia Comic Con in 1793.  (No proof exists.  Video tapes were not yet invented, and all the audio tapes were destroyed in a fire in 1821 when John Qunicy Adam’s head burst into flame during a debate with Martin Van Buren over who had the cooler name.  Adams won the debate when the majority of the audience responded “Ooh, flaming head.  Cool.”)

– AHam worked closely with George Washington, the President:  ARod worked closely with Derek Jeter, the Captain.

– AHam was plagued by a scandal involving infidelity with another man’s wife.; ARod was plagued with a scandal involving performance enhancing drugs, lying, possibly tampering with evidence, arrogant malfeasance, scowling without a license, chewing gum with violent intent, egregious use of sports cliches, and generally talking through his rear end.

– ARod has hit over 600 home runs in his career;  AHam hit the tree behind Aaron Burr during their duel.

Could there be some sinister cosmic confluence causing these strange parallels.  Or perhaps this is a case of reincarnation?  Or demonic possession?

I’m sorry, I just don’t know.