The DNC vs. a D and C.


I am only slightly familiar with, and gratefully at a distance from, the surgical procedure abbreviated as  a D and C.  My best friend, TBWOTP ** has had a much more up-close-and-personal encounter with it.  I tried to look up the procedure, but after a few pictures, couldn’t.  Just couldn’t.  I can bait a hook, kill spiders in the bathroom, plunge out a clogged toilet, light a barbecue, but I couldn’t do that.  What men know about the internal structures of women, physical and emotional, would not fill the back molar of an undernourished flea.  I do recall though that her experience, several years ago, required preparation, inspired fear, and required a period of recovery.  

The DNC on the other hand, that is the Democratic National Convention, also required preparation, inspires fear and will, considering the activity level of the delegates during the speeches of Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, generate lots of tired people requiring rest and hangover cures. They rocked the joint.  

I haven’t had lots of experience with politics, choosing to ostrich myself rather than suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous rhetoric.  And the rhetoric this year has reached epic, world-class, hide-under-the-blanket proportions.  But I have been sucked in somehow.  I suppose it is like looking a car accident, and chastising myself while looking at it.  Like surgery on someone I love, I know politics is necessary, but I hate it.   But I can only ignore it for so long.

So, I survived someone else’s D and C, and will probably survive the DNC too.

**The Best Woman On The Planet


Bernie Bobs Along

The surprise hero of this election cycle has been a 73  year old  second term (I can’t call someone his age a ‘junior’ anything) senator from Vermont who has shaken the Democratic party to its blue roots, and seems to just keep shaking.  He is out of the race and has formally endorsed Hillary.  But his movement, a progressive, socialist movement which caught the Democratic old guard with its pants suits down, goes on.  He has said that this is not about one election, but about a fundamental change in the way the dems function.  Considering how much angst and disaffection there is now for ‘the establishment’ reflected in both parties, Bernie has read the tea leaves the right way.  

Now, today, on the eve on the DNC, there is a big brouhaha/kerfuffle/ melee/ free-for-all about the chairperson of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who among other flaws has real bad hair).  She, in another email scandal, has demonstrated bias against the Sanders campaign and favoritism for the Clinton campaign since the get-go.  Bernie, in true class-act fashion, called for her resignation, and when she did so, congratulated her on doing the right thing for the Democratic Party.  The point he says, at his juncture (or maybe the juncture at this point), is to defeat Donny Trump.  

He is a class act, Bernie is. And he is right about defeating Donny.  That is job one.