Alarm Clock Time Machine

Year 2010 - XLarge

The alarm clock in my room is set twenty minutes ahead, and has been for several years with good reason.  A moment of early morning math and I can safely bury myself again in the deep and dark paradise of my bedclothes.  For those fleeting twenty minutes I can, in semi-consciousness, feel that I am in temporary control of my life. The operative word being ‘temporary’.  When the snooze button time runs out and the alarm rings again, I groan out that math again, and the real world invades.

Later in the day that clock becomes a sort of primitive and interactive time machine.  Outside the bedroom door, the world tick-tocks in that mysterious and all-inclusive process that Einstein and Newton only understood dimly.  Inside the bedroom it is always twenty minutes earlier, life is still waiting for me, and so I’m never late.  Well, sometimes I’m late anyway,

It grants me power in some small measure.  Very small measure.  I have, in frivolous moments, fiddled with the clock to turn back time, but it just won’t go back far enough to allow me to argue with Socrates, or ahead far enough to develop a winning stock portfolio.  So I settle, reluctantly, for that respite under the bedclothes, and the fantasy of what I can do with that extra twenty minutes.  


Anyone else ever do something like this?



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Recently retired (almost), frequently cranky, consistently awed by people places and things. Everyone has a point of view, and apparently this is mine. I welcome your comments on anything here you like, or don't like. But if you have no reaction, keep it to yourself.

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