C. C., et al

I was watching the Yankee game the other day, with C. C Sabathia pitching, and Didi Gregorius playing shortstop.  They were probably unaware, but several luminaries were in the stands as well.  For example;

—BeBe Rebozo, deceased friend and confidant of Richard Nixon was being propped up along the third base line.

—e. e. cummings, was in the bleachers, accidentally spilling beer on his latest poem.

—A. A. Milne had his binoculars out, studying Sabathia as a possible model for his famous character, Winnie the Pooh.

—H. H. Munro, between innings, was composing short stories.

(If Derek Jeter had been there, I’m certain someone would have said, ‘aye-aye captain’.)

Oh, it was a great day at the b.. b… ball park.