Keep Calm and Back Away From the Keyboard


For what it’s worth, and maybe not much, I have decided to curtail my activity on the internet, and especially on ‘anti-social media’.  It is not that I don’t enjoy it and  feel the responsibility to be  informed, but that the information I get from there is skewed, often angry and about as well-thought out as a shark attack.  Many, not all but many, of the people who post in Facebook or on Twitter, in my limited experience, just want to troll.  Others want to push their ideology as what seems to them to be the only logical point of view.  Some want to shock (and do it very well.)  Some just want to be clever and collect ‘likes’ and smiley faces. Least objectionable, but most cloying, are the puppies and babies crowd.  There is a subset of those folks who use FB as a diary and thrill in the telling, often with photographs, of their daily meals, their favorite coffee cup, and who in their natural surroundings is, pregnant, graduating, going somewhere for vacation, or celebrating  a birthday.  I suppose, when originally conceived, this ‘social’ interaction was the real goal of ‘social media’.  Certainly that is a great way for disconnected friends and families in our mobile society to keep in touch.  

In the political sphere, there is not a lot of reasoned discourse available.  Some people, as is their right, just love to argue.  Stupid me, I like to learn, and I like to have informed opinions based on factual information, even in this age of ‘alternative facts’.

The real problem currently for me is some form of emotional or perhaps attentional addiction.  I think it is okay if you FB or Twitter a couple of times a day, but I find myself checking it two or three times an hour.  If I am out somewhere, AFK as the abbreviation goes, I look forward to how many new notifications and tweets there will be when I get BTK (Back To Keyboard).  In the hour I have been writing this piece I have stopped myself several times from opening a new tab and checking my Facebook.  SAD!

So, I will consciously work to cut down.  

And oh, by the way, ‘Twitter’ is a good name for the service, but ‘a tweet’, from either the Chief Executive of the most powerful nation on earth, or from a tenth grader with  social anxiety, just sounds like a wimpy way to communicate.  I propose that we change it to ‘crow’, as in, “I crowed this morning that the word ‘tweeting’ is lame.”

Not that it matters to me anymore.