Just A Thought

Here’s a thought.

Suppose that people had names that you could connect with wine. I know a therapist  named Moscato… and I like Moscato, and I get along with her.  Coincidence?  Perhaps not.  If I met someone named, say, Chardonnay, would I like him?  Or her?  Probably not.  The name speaks to me of a snooty guy with a widow’s peak who inserts phrases like ‘je ne sais quoi’ into a perfectly reasonable conversation and expects me to not sneer.  And the wine makes me wince.

Or let’s say a girl I meet at a party named Sangria.  I have never met anyone with that name, but she would have to be Spanish, or Mexican, and she would probably be wearing a stripey, colorful, full length skirt that she just loves to fling around.  She probably has a mole too, a small one, on her upper lip.  Her I would like.

Or how about Riesling.  That’s probably a middle name of a recent graduate of  Stanford Law School.  Hudson Riesling Harcourt for whom corporate tax work is his ticket to fame and fortune.  He could come in handy at times, like a good Riesling, but not as a steady thing.

Chablis; Probably a blonde with a big smile and lots of promise, but after she tells you  how many friends she has on face book and what her personalized license plate is,  becomes really boring.  Pass.

Dom Perignon.  A guy with a pointed beard wearing spanish breeches and waving around a little sword.  He doesn’t drink, and I hate bubbles up my nose.

Gewurztraminer;  Either a monk in a dank cellar poised over a huge book with a quill pen, or else a Reichsmarschall in the Franco-Prussian war wearing a spiked helmet.  Either way, nope.

Brut:  A professional wrestler who forces his out of work second cousin to shave his back.  Negatory under even the best circumstances.

Anyway, just a thought.